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Kat Frick Miller

Kat Frick Miller grew up in the suburbs of Brampton, Ontario. After a yearlong residency in the South Shore town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, she decided to make the move to this idyllic rural area permanently. Kat graduated from NSCAD University in 2009 and now works as an artist and illustrator in her Lunenburg studio. Her work is inspired by the small details in everyday life and the extraordinary adventures she has exploring Atlantic Canada.

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Ashley West

Growing up in Quebec's country side, Ashley developed a fascination for the forest, its creatures and its flora. Besides drawing, her summers were spent turning over rocks, exploring creeks and trekking through forests; forming a deep respect and admiration for nature and the greater outdoors . Later, torn by her passion for art and her love for the environment, Ashley chose to study Wildlife Biology and Environmental Sciences at McGill. Once graduated, she took a year off to work and travel. Upon her return in 2007, she applied to design school at Concordia to feed her longing desire to create, and hasn't looked back since. She resides in the quiet town of St-Lazare, west of Montreal, where she freelances as a graphic designer and illustrator.

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