The Idea

The Great Canadian Journey wants to celebrate local! This summer we will be travelling from Newfoundland to British Columbia, through every province along the way, and sharing the experience with the world through the modern marvel of social media. Each day we will be camping, indulging in local treats, and looking for local adventures! We'll be sharing our experiences and perspectives across social media as we take the country’s greatest hikes, and lure local musicians to their favourite spots to entertain our followers. 

Through our site, we are offering local print-artists the opportunity to sell their work internationally, without any fees. All of the profits from artist-created goods go directly to them! Check out their designs (and ours) in our store.

The Goal

Create interactive maps of suggestions for each province, taken directly from locals!

Everyone knows their own area best, so we are getting the scoop on each region that we will be passing through. Our interactive maps are a combination of fun activities, local cafes and restaurants, and amazing adventures! Take a look on our Maps page.

Travel across Canada, on one of the greatest adventures in the world, and to do it right. 

What if you knew what the local tips were before you even got into the next town?

Feature local artists, musicians, local stories, and adventures. 

Our site has been designed to offer an online marketplace and national exposure for local artists that we meet along our route, without any fees. All of the money from sales go back to the artists

Encourage Appreciation for Small Towns and Communities

You don't always have to race to the finish! We want to share the highlights from our adventure, and encourage people to stop in small towns and give some love to local businesses that they would otherwise miss out on! 

    The Creator

    Brendan Henry created this project to share the excitement of a journey from coast to coast, and help highlight talented local artists, local businesses, and local adventures. This not-for-profit project is all about sharing your local culture, and learning about what other people consider to be local treasures.

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