Oh, Canada August 28 2014, 0 Comments

I love Canada.


The first time I came here was two years ago in order to visit an old school friend who had moved here permanently. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I booked my plane ticket to Vancouver thinking it would be fairly easy to make my way across to where he was living from there. Once there, feeling pretty broke, I figured the bus would be a cheap and easy option.


He lived in Halifax, the opposite side of the country, nearly 6000 kilometres away.



What occurred over the next five days was simultaneously mind numbingly boring and jaw droppingly beautiful.


From my seat in the greyhound bus I watched the incredible peaks and cliffs of the Canadian rockies fly by. I watched the bus as it zoomed through the highway carved out of the eight foot high snow. I saw the incredible stretching horizons of Saskatchewan, the Great Lakes of Ontario and Manitoba. Thunder Bay. Montreal. And finally Halifax.


Throughout the whole trip, I couldn't help but feel that I had robbed myself of unbelievable sights, amazing experiences and incredible people.


Halifax and Vancouver were fantastic, but what of everything in between? What of the world I had seen fly by those little bus windows over that five day trek?


When, a year and a half later, Brendan offered me a place in his Great Canadian Journey I jumped at the chance. I could finally explore that amazing world, see what there was to see, taste the foods, meet the people, experience everything I could between those two wonderul cities.


So here it is, yet another Australian in Canada.


The Australian's Great Canadian Journey.